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Police Civilian Oversight Recommendation Consultation Services RFP

The purpose of this request for proposals (RFP) is for the City of Olympia (City) to solicit proposals from qualified respondents to develop a recommendation for civilian oversight of the Olympia Police Department; and to facilitate a stakeholder engagement process to solicit input that will both shape and support the recommendation. The consultant will develop model(s) for the City Council’s appointed 11-member Social Justice and Equity Commission’s consideration and will facilitate a stakeholder engagement process to ensure support for the recommended model.

The purpose of this work is to establish a model of Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement that meets the needs of the Olympia Community. The recommended model should result in the following outcomes:

  • A complaint process that is accessible to all and that few, if any, barriers exist to filing a complaint
  • Investigations are fair, thorough, objectives, and without bias
  • Confidence and trust in the Olympia Police Department
  • Transparency and accountability
  • Improved policies, practices, and training through the analysis of patterns and data
  • Improve public’s understanding of police policy, training, and practices

The deadline for submission of proposal is 4:00 p.m., Pacific Time (PT), Friday, December 30, 2022.

Questions and proposals shall be submitted to the City by email to the RFP Coordinator at  The proposal must be in Word or PDF format.

Full RFP documents can be located on Washington’s Electronic Business Solution website or obtained by placing a Public Records Request. Vendors not registered in WEBS will not receive updates or amendments to the RFP.

Closing Date: 
Friday, December 30, 2022
City of Olympia
Point of Contact: 
Dawn Carvalho (