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Primary Fire Station Continuing Operations Preservation Project - Notice of Intent

Notice of Intent for Utilization of (1) process:

  1. Alternative Mechanical Subcontractor Selection Process (MC/CM)


Hoffman Construction Company (hereinafter referred to as the GC/CM) has been selected as General Contractor/Construction Manager (GC/CM) fo The Primary Fire Station Continuing Operations Preservation Project. The GC/CM Construction Agreement is currently estimated to be between $12M and $18M.

The Primary Fire Station Continuing Operations Preservation Project consists of:

  1. Update mechanical systems and associated electrical systems, including replacement of 2 existing AHU.
  2. Replacement of existing kitchen range including exhaust.
  3. Renovation of existing dormitory. 
  4. Update communication infrastructure for expanded networking and Alert System replacement (CAD/RMS-FSA).
  5. Install electric vehicle charging station(s). 

The GC/CM intends to select the Mechanical subcontractor utilizing an alternative procurement method (MC/CM) in accordance with the provisions of RCW 39.10.385.  The anticipated value of the MC/CM scope of work is estimated to be $3.2M

The reasons for utilizing this alternative procurement process include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Provide preconstruction consulting services including cost estimating, scheduling, phasing logistics, collaboration with the design consultants and assistance in the most cost-effective selection of materials and building systems related to mechanical scopes of work.
  1. Provide field verification and BIM services to coordinate mechanical systems with the structure and other building systems (both existing and new).
  1. Collaborate with the Project team to provide economical and efficient delivery of the mechanical systems with minimal disruption to the Port and Fire Station operations.
  1. Identification and potentially early procurement of long lead mechanical equipment.
  1. Provide high quality construction service collaborating with GC/CM and completing the Primary Fire Station Continuing Operations Preservation Project on time and within the contract price.

All interested parties are hereby notified that a public hearing in accordance with RCW 39.10.385 will be held at 11:00am PST, February 7, 2023, at the Seattle office of Hoffman Construction Company of Washington, 600 Stewart Street, Suite 1000.

At least seven days before the hearing the specific eligibility criteria and applicable weights given to each criteria and sub-criteria that will be used during the evaluation will be made available to interested parties.  This information can be obtained by contacting Erin Gocke, Hoffman Construction Company at

Comments and questions regarding the justification of the basis and need for using this alternative selection process and public solicitation of proposals, and protest procedures for the competitive bidding and selection process may be submitted in writing no later than the date of the hearing to Erin Gocke, Hoffman Construction Company at

Protest procedures:

  1. Regarding the decision to use the alternative selection process as a result of this public hearing:

1. Written comments received before and during the public hearing, and verbal comments received during the public hearing, will be considered. Comments (written or verbal) received after the close of the public hearing will not be considered.

2. A written final decision will be issued to all interested parties. The decision will include a determination of whether the alternative selection process is in the best interests of the public. If the Port of Seattle and the GC/CM modify any of the criteria, weights, or protest procedures based on comments received during the public hearing process, any such modifications will be addressed in the written final decision.

3. All protests of the written final decision to use the alternative selection process must be in writing. All protests must be hand-delivered or sent by mail (not email) and submitted within seven calendar days of the final decision. All protests must be delivered to the public body – Port of Seattle -- and Hoffman Construction Company, at the following addresses:

Hoffman Construction Company of Washington
600 Stewart Street, Suite 1000
Seattle, Washington 98101
Attn:  Erin Gocke

Port of Seattle
17900 International Blvd #400b
SeaTac, WA  98188
Attn: Tina Hemingway

  1. Regarding Protests by Proposers of Selections Made as a Result of Each Step of Alternative Selection Process –

Any Proposer that claims to be aggrieved by the results of the Alternative Selection Process may file a written protest, but only in accordance with the procedures noted below. 

1.         All protests must be in writing and contain the following information:

                       a.         The RFQ or RFP title under which the protest is made.

b.         The name, address, and telephone number of the protesting party.

c.         A detailed statement of the legal and factual grounds for the protest, including copies of relevant documents and a statement as to the form of relief requested.

2.         All protests must be submitted to both Hoffman Construction Company and the Port of Seattle at the addresses noted in A#3 above

3.         All protests must be submitted to the addresses/individuals as noted above no later than close of four (4) working business days after notification is made of the selection decision.  Protest procedures apply to each step in the selection process.

4.         Proposers who are not selected to continue to the next phase may request a scoring summary of the evaluation factors for its proposal from Hoffman Construction Company.

5.         The Port of Seattle, in consultation with the GC/CM, shall decide resolution of all protests and issue a decision in writing.

6.         The selection process may not advance to the next phase of selection until two business days after the final protest decision issued by the Port of Seattle is transmitted to the protestor.

Closing Date: 
Monday, February 6, 2023
Hoffman Construction Company
Point of Contact: