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Public Solicitation of Proposals: SeaTac Airport CCE TSA Relocation

Turner Construction is issuing public notice for a forthcoming Invitation to Bid for TSA Relocation
Work for the SeaTac C Concourse Expansion Project, utilizing the Subcontractor Bidding process
in accordance with RCW 39.10.380. Estimated bid package values are:

3.1 Final Cleaning - $10,000.00; 3.2 Selective Demolition - $180,000.00; 3.3 Millwork -
$120,000.00; 3.4 DFH (Furnish) - $40,000.00; 3.5 Coiling Doors - $10,000.00; 3.6 Framing, GWB
- $360,000.00; 3.7 Flooring - $120,000.00; 3.8 Painting - $60,000.00; 3.9 Signage - $10,000; 3.11
Fire Sprinkler - $50,000

Turner and the Port of Seattle have determined that there are opportunities for Women & Minority
Business Enterprises (WMBE) to participate as a prime, sub-tier or supplier in the project and have
established an overall project WMBE aspirational goal of 12%. If your firm is interested in
opportunities as a sub-tier contractor or supplier, please contact at the above email.

Bid documents will be located on Turner’s Public Plan Room on Building Connected at the following
location: (Name: “SeaTac C Concourse Expansion – TSA Relocation”).
An official Invitation To Bid will be distributed via BuildingConnected on Monday, May 23, 2022.
The official bid due date and time will be provided with the formal invitation. Bids must be submitted
via e-mail to Sub-tier and supplier opportunities will extend past this
deadline and continue throughout the project.

Closing Date: 
Tuesday, June 14, 2022
Turner Construction
Point of Contact: