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Rehabilitate Taxiway A; Reconstruct Taxiway A4; and Taxiway Edge Lighting Reconstruction

Port of Skagit County is seeking a qualified contractor to construct Rehabilitate Taxiway A; Reconstruct Taxiway A4; and Taxiway Edge Lighting Reconstruction at the Skagit Regional Airport. Major elements of work for the project include full-depth pavement reconstruction, asphalt overlay, cold milling, storm drain improvements, installation of new taxiway edge lighting, new wind cone and segmented circle, pavement marking, and miscellaneous work associated with the project.

Sealed Bids shall be addressed to and received at Port of Skagit, 15400 Airport Drive, Burlington, WA  98233 not later than 2:00 p.m., local time, on Thursday the 30th day of March 2023.  Immediately thereafter, the Bids will be publicly opened and read at the above stated location.    

The Engineer’s cost opinion for all work is between $4,000,000 and $4,500,000.

A copy of the Documents may be purchased from Precision Approach Engineering, Inc., 119 Grand Avenue, Suite B, Bellingham, WA 98225, phone 360-733-1567. The cost of reproduction and handling, plus postage for mailing (if mailing is requested) is $100.00/per set. Return of the Document is not required, and the amount paid for the Document is nonrefundable.            

The Drawings bound in the Document are photographically reduced to 50 percent of the original size. Full-scale Drawings may be obtained, provided the Bidder is on the “Plan Holders List”, from Precision Approach Engineering, Inc., 119 Grand Avenue, Suite B, Bellingham, WA  98225, at a cost of reproduction plus postage (if mailing is requested). No return of Drawings is required, and no refund will be made.

Electronic copies of the Contract Documents and Addendums are posted on the Precision Approach Engineering’s website at /Bid Documents; the QuestCDN Project Number is: 8416209 on the “Browse Projects” page.  Drawings and specification files are posted on the Precision Approach Engineering’s website, with the drawings viewable free of charge. 

Electronic copies of the Contract Document and Addendums may be downloaded for a fee of $22.00. Addendums to the bid package will be issued through the online QuestCDN plan holders list; therefore, all prime bidders shall be responsible for downloading the bid documents from QuestCDN in order to be included on the Plan Holders List. It is imperative that those who download the solicitation documents check the /Bid Documents regularly for addenda, clarifications, and other notifications that may be pertinent, as well as the Supplier List of Interested Parties.

All Bid documents shall be submitted in hard copy.  Electronic or e-mailed submissions shall be rejected. 


This contract is for a public works project subject to the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries (RCW 39.12), and the Davis-Bacon Act (40 U.S.C. 3141, et seq). The Bidder must agree that the requirements and conditions of employment be observed and minimum wage rates, as established by the U.S. Secretary of Labor, or the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, including any appropriate amendments. The contractor shall pay the state or federal prevailing wage rate, whichever is higher, and adhered the most stringent requirements under this contract.

Disadvantage Business Enterprises (DBE). The requirements of 49 CFR part 26 apply to this contract. It is the policy of the Port of Skagit to practice nondiscrimination based on race, color, sex or national origin in the award or performance of this contract. The Port of Skagit encourages participation by all firms qualifying under this solicitation regardless of business size or ownership.  The Port of Skagit is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer. Small, minority, veteran, and women-owned businesses are encouraged to submit bids.

The Port of Skagit has a DBE race conscious goal of 3.55% in compliance with their 49 CFR Part 26 program. The goal is a contractual obligation, and the CONTRACTOR is directed to refer to the Port of Skagit for a copy of the Disadvantage Business Enterprise Program and goal methodology. The bidder shall make good faith efforts, as defined in Appendix A, 49 CFR Part 26, to meet the race conscious goal for DBE participation in the performance of this contract.

No bid for a construction contract shall be received or considered by Port of Skagit unless the Bidder is registered with the Washington State Department of Licenses, as required by RCW 18.27.

An optional pre-bid conference will be held at 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday, March 22nd, 2023 at the Port of Skagit Administrative Office, 15400 Airport Drive, Burlington, WA 98233. Potential bidders are strongly encouraged to attend.

For information concerning the proposed work, contact Geoff Vaughn, Precision Approach Engineering, Inc., telephone 541‑231‑6645 or 360-733-1567. For an appointment to visit the site of the proposed work, contact Keith Love, Port of Skagit, at 360‑708‑8152.

Dated this 8th day of March 2023.

Port of Skagit

Sara Young, Executive Director

Closing Date: 
Thursday, March 30, 2023
Port of Skagit
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