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RFP - Tourism Community Currency Program Consultant

The City of Kirkland is soliciting proposals from qualified consultants to create, execute, manage, promote and report on a tourism incentive program that incorporates a Kirkland-branded community currency ‘voucher’ as the incentive element to encourage hotel stays and local shopping for benefit of local hotels and businesses. The City seeks expert implementation and deployment services to implement this tourism incentive program, to link it to the existing Shop Local Kirkland initiative and the Explore Kirkland tourism program and platforms, and ensure broad uptake from Kirkland hotels, businesses and tourists. The consultant must be able to design the community currency incentive program; establish and manage the backend administration and voucher issuance process; create the public relations, marketing and advertising campaign and collateral; ensure robust uptake on the part of Kirkland hotels and local businesses and ensure their onboarding with the program; promote the program broadly using multiple platforms and strategies to reach tourists both local and more than 50 miles away; and analyze, track and report on the program metrics during and after the program timeframe.

Closing Date: 
Monday, October 18, 2021
City of Kirkland
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