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Spokane - Havana Road and Longfellow Ave.

S&L Underground, Inc. is requesting sub bids and material quotes from all qualified subcontractors and suppliers including MBE,WBE, SBE and DBE for the following:

Spokane - Havana Road and Longfellow Avenue Project

Bid date: March 24, 2023

Bid time: 1:00 pm

Plans are available online at Simpson Engineers Plan Room (Abadan)

Project description:

This project consists of the construction of approximately 8,000 cubic yards of excavation,
and 29,000 cubic yards of embankment, 2,000 linear feet of storm sewer, 39 drainage
structures, 1,300 linear feet of sanitary sewer, 10 sanitary sewer manholes, 1,700 linear feet
of watermain, 4,730 linear feet of curb, 3,400 linear feet of sidewalk, 6,900 square yards of
3-inch thick HMA pavement, sundry utility adjustments, and other related miscellaneous

Areas of work: Concrete, manholes, asphalt and gravel, piping and appurtenances, fencing, topsoil, signage and hydrants.

Please verify your intent to provide a quotation to and respond by 3/23/2023

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Closing Date: 
Friday, March 24, 2023
S&L Underground, Inc.
Point of Contact: