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TML Construction requesting bids for HARSB Phase 2 Tertiary Treatment & Biosolids Project

HARSB Phase 2 Tertiary Treatment & Biosolids Project

TML Construction, Inc. is bidding as a prime contractor for the HARSB Phase 2 Tertiary Treatment and Biosolids Project. Bids are due to the Project's Owner on August 31, 2021 at 11 am. Quotes from qualified subcontractors and suppliers can be submitted via email to and are due to TML by no later that 9 am that day.

The work includes all of the requirements to upgrade the existing wastewater treatment plant inlcuding:

Bid Package Name

HARSB Phase 2 Tertiary Treatment & Biosolids Project

Project Information


  • New solids contact clarifier, mechanism, and other associated equipment.
  • New hollow-fiber ultrafiltration units inside a building expansion for tertiary membrane treatment.
  • Installation of ancillary system to support tertiary treatment.
  • Retrofit of existing scum pump station.
  • New dewatering facility.
  • New solar dryer facility.
  • Site civil, yard piping and support electrical improvements.


The project site is located at 10789 N Atlas Road in Hayden, Idaho 83835.

The project is subject to American Iron & Steel requirements and Davis/Bacon wages.


TML desires to utiliize small, minority and women’s businesses when possible as sources of supplies, equipment, construction, and services should it be awarded a contract for the work.


TML will consider dividing total requirements, when economically feasible, into small tasks or quantities to permit maximum participation of small, minority, and women’s businesses. TML will also consider establishing delivery schedules, where the requirements of the work permit, to encourage participation by small, minority and women’s businesses.


Please contact TML at 208 762 3611 with questions concerning this project.


Instructions for bidding

Please submit your quote via email to


If you need assistance accessing the bidding documents, please contact Brian Petersen of TML Construction, Inc. at, or by telephone at (208) 762-3611.




Client details

Brian Petersen • Office: (208) 209-7233, Mobile: (208) 755-4810 •

TML Construction • Hayden, Idaho 83835 United States


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Closing Date: 
Tuesday, August 31, 2021
TML Construction, Inc.
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