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UW HSC AA048 MRI DISC Replacement, Seattle WA

PCL Construction Services, Inc.

Project: UW HSC AA048 MRI DISC Replacement
Bid Date: September 12, 2019 @ 2:00PM
Estimated Contract Value $1,400,000.00

Estimated Start Date October 10, 2019

PCL Construction Services, Inc will be submitting a bid as a Prime Contractor. We are seeking Small Business and Minority Contractors to provide services for this construction opportunity. Please advise us by return fax the bid items you plan to provide a quote on as well as your HUB, Small, M/W/DBE status.

Project Description and Scope of Work includes:
This work for this project will be renovation of MRI Room AA048F, Equipment Room AA027B, Control Room AA048G and Viewing AA033 to accommodate new MRI Imaging Equipment and associated architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical work. Architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical work will also be required on the roof, directly above the MRI suite.

Architectural, structural and electrical work will be required to modify and restore the transport pathway to accommodate the travel path of the MRI equipment, as described in the Contract Documents. MRI upgrades will be performed by the Owner’s Vendor, Philips. Shielding modifications will be performed by the Owner’s Vendor, ETS‐Lindgren. The Contractor will coordinate the scheduling and performance of the Owner’s Vendors. Mechanical, plumbing work includes demolition and replacement of plumbing and equipment to replace the existing chiller and condensing equipment located in the Equipment Room and on the Roof. New humidifiers will be added to serve the MRI room. A new stainless‐steel quench vent will replace the existing quench vent system, from outside the MRI room to the roof and new structural support constructed for new quench vent system. Minor repair and flashing of the existing roof system will be required. Electrical work includes demolition and new lighting, communications pathway and power to support the new mechanical equipment, MRI replacement and a new UPS system, furnished by the Owner’s Vendor. Architectural work includes removal of existing non‐bearing partitions, removal and replacement of a section of suspended ceiling, furnishing and installing a new acoustical door assembly and non‐bearing acoustical partition upgrade and new carpeting. Selective demolition, patching and repair of existing drywall walls will be required to facilitate Vendor and mechanical and electrical work

There is a Business Equity Enterprises goal of 20% with15% of the requirement be “certified” SBE.

Plans and Specifications are available on the Builder’s Exchange website –
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Name or P/W Required.

Please direct inquiries/correspondence to:
Larry Rhodes – Lead Estimator

Phone: 206 316‐0838
Fax: 425 454‐5924


PCL Construction Services, Inc.
Washington License #PCLCOSI099NW
3650 131st Avenue SE, Suite 650, Bellevue, Washington 98006  Telephone (425) 454-8020  Fax: (425) 454-5924

Closing Date: 
Thursday, September 12, 2019