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Water Meter Replacement Project


The project scope of work includes constructing site improvements for the Skokomish Tribe’s Water Supply Service by constructing new 1” and 2” water meters and abandoning the existing water meters. Locations of existing water meter and supply lines will be completed by the Tribe. Improvements includes excavating area of work, Installation of water meter setter, water meter (Existing meters shall be abandoned), water meter box and box cover, and backfilling to finish grade. Per Standard Specifications division  7-09.

1. QTY 135 - 1” Water Meter  

2. QTY 135 – 5/8”x3/4”x24” Meter Setters

3. QTY 2 – 2” Water Meter

4. QTY 135 Water Meter Box and Cover


You can find project on the Skokomish Tribal web site  Employment/RFPs – Skokomish Indian Tribe

Closing Date: 
Tuesday, February 28, 2023
Skokomish Tribe
Point of Contact: