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WWU2022005 University Residences Laundry Equipment and Services

Instructions for viewing and responding to this RFP are below and also available on WEBS.

Western Washington University Sourcing Event Announcement

The following are the details about a new Sourcing Event posted by Western Washington University as well as instructions on how to respond to the event in the ESM System:

Sourcing Event ID: WWU2022005

Sourcing Event Title: RFP WWU2022005 - University Residences Laundry Equipment and Services.

Scope Overview: Western Washington University (“University”) University Residences is soliciting proposals in order to establish a multi-year agreement for the provision of laundry equipment, maintenance and repair, and management services.

Event Coordinator: Janette Rosebrook

Instructions on How to Read More, Ask Questions, & Respond to the Event

Western Washington University has transitions to the ESM Sourcing Module for all Competitive Sourcing Events. To respond to these Sourcing Events, you will need to register with ESM and then log into your Supplier Portal to view the event. The registration is a short and simple process, and you will receive a confirmation email from “”, so you will want to ensure you check your junk mail in case that auto response gets filtered by your organization.

In addition, once you have registered in the ESM System, you will be able to see and respond to all other competitive events posted by institutions who are also using the ESM Sourcing Module.


You can find all of the details for this event on Western Washington University’s Posting Board in the ESM System here:

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Addendums will be posted in the ESM System, so for anyone who has responded already, you will need to Retract, edit (the system shows you where changes are as well as the email notification), and then Re-Submit your response.

Closing Date: 
Tuesday, September 6, 2022
Western Washington University
Point of Contact: (Please direct questions on RFP through ESM Sourcing Module)