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6th Street Pavement Preservation Phase III Project - City of Bremerton

Project Description

The work performed by the CONSULTANT consists of preparing engineering, contract documents and plans for improvement of pedestrian and roadway facilities for a single project. Design work for the project will commence in February 2022 and should be completed by November 2023. For continuity of the project, the firm chosen for Design may be contracted for Construction Management Services for the project, at the City of Bremerton’s discretion.  Construction of the project is scheduled in 2024.

The 6th Street Pavement Preservation Phase III Project consists of a mill and fill overlay between Naval Avenue and Warren Avenue, including a new traffic signal and ADA ramps at the intersection of 6th Street and Veneta Avenue.  Additional project work includes channelization, signing, sidewalk, reconstruction of non-compliant ADA ramps, right of way acquisition, utility upgrades (water, sewer, storm), 3rd party utility coordination, and other related street improvements.

The existing roadway is a 4-lane facility (two lanes each direction) with sidewalks on both sides. The City is considering re-channelizing to a three-lane facility (one lane each direction with two way left turn lane) with bike lanes.  The City may elect to have the re-channelization completed as part of the project or have the project designed to be forward compatible with a future project to re-channelize to this lane configuration.  The CONSULTANT shall consider this in their approach to the project.   

This is a federally funded project and has a mandatory 16% DBE goal for the Preliminary Engineering phase.

Closing Date: 
Wednesday, October 20, 2021
City of Bremerton
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