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City of Pasco WWTP Improvements Phase 2


5711 W Garden Springs Spokane, WA 99224        

Phone: 509-363-0414             

Fax: 509-363-0415

Construction & Management, LLC      
Request for Bids
Project:  City of Pasco WWTP Improvements Phase 2, Contract No.21237A  
Bid Date: February 14, 2023 2:00PM PST please send quotes before 9 AM to allow time for review and DBE paperwork
Location: Pasco, WA    
To Subcontractors and Suppliers,        
We would like to formally invite you to bid the above mentioned project. DBE Businesses are encouraged to submit bids. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office by phone or email: Plans and specifications are available for through City of Pasco Planroom, Job Posting: WWTP Improvements 2A.
    Thank you,      
  Clearwater Construction & Management
Possible subcontracting/supply opportunities for this project include but are not limited to:
Excavation Backfill Concrete Concrete Reinforcing
Fencing Masonry Roofing  Seeding, Mulching, Fertilizing
Asphalt Paving Surveying Handrail Signage
Hollow Metal Doors  Precast Silt Fence Waddles
Glazing Hollow Metal Windows Overhead Doors Electrical 
Mechanical Coatings Interior/Exterior Painting Plumbing HVAC
Metal Fabrication Metal Decking Structural Steel Fire Extinguishers & Cabinets
Please respond as soon as possible       
      Will NOT be bidding        
      Will be bidding the following scope;      
Subcontractor/ Supplier Name:            
Project Estimator:              
Phone number:              
DBE: (yes or no)               
  Please note if you are a DBE and are not already registered with the Washington State OMWBE you will need to do so before bidding as a DBE.  
Closing Date: 
Wednesday, February 15, 2023
Clearwater Construction & Management, LLC
Point of Contact: