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Get a Loan

To get a loan for a business, small business owners must show potential lenders any or all of these,

  • A strong business plan.
  • Ability to make money.
  • Ability to pay back money.
  • A financial history that meets their requirements.
  • Expertise and experience in your business.

These are the “Five C’s of Credit.” They include character, capacity, capital, collateral and conditions.

Loans for Small Businesses

Loans from banks and credit unions are the most well-known type of loans. In addition to those, other organizations lend money to small businesses. Try this tool to match businesses with lenders.

U.S. Small Business Administration's Lender Match

Linked Deposit Loan Program

One solution to help small business owners is the Linked Deposit Loan Program. Started in 1983, it encourages banks and credit unions to offer better interest rates to owners of OMWBE certified businesses. Business owners work with their bank to agree to loan terms and enroll in the program.

Loans for Microbusinesses

Many microbusiness development organizations and economic development districts have loan programs. These programs can offer loans to the smallest of small businesses that don’t qualify for commercial loans.

Central/Eastern Washington

Western Washington


Alternative Funding/ Alternative Lending/ Other Types of Loans for Small Businesses

As business credit has tightened in the banking sector, small business owners have found it more difficult to obtain loans from traditional lenders. This has spurred the rise of non-bank lenders, also known as alternative lenders. Below are some resources to help you understand more about alternative funding.