A key part of ensuring all companies have the opportunity to do business with Washington State is making sure they are aware of and can access the State’s projects and programs. Though connecting with some companies may be simple, it can be difficult for organizations to reach small and diverse businesses. Making these businesses aware of programs and work opportunities can involve working with community organizations, holding events, directly contacting companies, or other methods to reach small and diverse firms. You can find a list of tools below to help your agency develop policies and procedures to reach out to all businesses, and make sure they all have an opportunity to work with Washington State.

  • Outreach FAQ - Answers to questions about the purpose of outreach and how to do it.
  • Outreach Program Guidelines - Guidelines for establishing and maintaining a comprehensive outreach program.
  • General Outreach Plans - This document includes instructions for performing and tracking outreach that is not specific to an industry or a purchasing effort. This kind of outreach includes events such as vendor fairs, conferences, and summits intended to assist business owners with understanding typical agency purchasing needs and processes.
  • Targeted Industry Outreach Plan - Recommendations for reaching out to businesses grouped by product or service.
  • Targeted Solicitation Outreach Plan - Recommendations for reaching out to businesses for a specific purchasing effort.
  • Encourage Businesses to Get Certified - This page contains email content and a survey you can share with businesses during the bidding process, to encourage them to get certified with OMWBE or DVA.

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