A key part of ensuring all companies have the opportunity to do business with Washington State is making sure they are aware of and can access the State’s projects and programs. Though connecting with some companies may be simple, it can be difficult for organizations to reach small and diverse businesses. Making these businesses aware of programs and work opportunities can involve working with community organizations, holding events, directly contacting companies, or other methods to reach small and diverse firms. You can find a list of tools below to help your agency develop policies and procedures to reach out to all businesses, and make sure they all have an opportunity to work with Washington State.

Outreach FAQ

Introduces the different ways agencies can reach out to small and diverse companies.

Outreach Plans

Helps agencies develop a plan to make all businesses aware of opportunities.

Components of an Outreach Plan

Lists tools and resources for agencies who are developing their outreach strategy.

Outreach Event Checklist

Includes a checklist for agency employees to make sure they are prepared for an outreach event.

Targeted Outreach Recommendations

Provides recommendations to agencies on how best to reach many small and diverse businesses.

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