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Statewide Contracts

Statewide Contracts are used by state agencies when purchasing specific items the State has a Statewide Contract for—unless the statewide contract cannot justifiably satisfy the agency’s needs. Contractors compete to be on Statewide Contracts, and the selected contractors are the only vendors state agencies can use for that item. Other government entities, such as universities or cities, can also use Statewide Contracts if convenient for them. Statewide contracts typically do not have a limit on how much money can be spent on them, and they represent a large portion of state spending. As agencies must use Statewide Contracts, having small and diverse vendors on Statewide Contracts is important to allow businesses the opportunity to work with the State. You can find a list of tools below to help your agency assist small and diverse business to compete on Statewide Contracts.

Agencies are directed to use their discretion and good, sound judgment when making the decision to not purchase from a statewide contract. What is an example of “cannot justifiably satisfy the agency’s needs”? 

  • The product available from the statewide contract does not meet the required performance specifications, the contractor’s delivery time does not meet the agency’s needs, the agency requires different terms (i.e. warranty provisions or insurance requirements), etc.
  • All agencies have been encouraged to increase their small, veteran owned and diverse spend. If these options are not available on a statewide contract and an agency has identified a spend option that meets its needs and complies with all procurement rules, then the agency would be justified to purchase outside of a statewide contract. The reasons justifying the off contract purchase should be documented, as appropriate.
  • Read More: DES Delegated Authority Policy FAQ

When an agency would like to use an OMWBE or DVA certified business that is not on the statewide contract list, there is an option that allows agencies to purchase outside of the statewide contract to achieve diverse spending. The Department of Enterprise Services does recognize there are occasions when the statewide contracts list “cannot justifiably satisfy the agency’s needs.” Please refer to DES Pol-DES-090-00 FAQs and direct any questions to or call (360) 407-2210.

Currently utilization of certified minority, women and veteran owned businesses in statewide contracts is averaging at 7% and $4.7 million in sales. Having options on statewide contracts to utilize certified minority, women and veteran owned businesses is important to the overall state supplier diversity goals. This tool addresses a statewide strategic, coordinated approach to identify and eliminate barriers associated with statewide contracts.

Statewide Contracts FAQ

Introduces statewide contracts when they are required and how to identify opportunities for diverse businesses.

Agency Statewide Contract Use Analysis

Use basic Excel skills to gain insight into how your agency or organization is using Statewide Contracts, and take action to increase use of diverse and small businesses.

Identify Diversity on DES Statewide Contracts

Proactively identify your contracting and procurement needs. Early planning is the key to supplier diversity.

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