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Bids & Contracting Opportunities

The following opportunities, notices, RFPs, and RFQs are sent to OMWBE by state and government agencies and prime contractors to help in their outreach efforts to minority and women-owned businesses. If you are a business interested in bidding on one of the opportunities, please follow the instructions in the posted opportunity. If you have any questions about a specific opportunity, please contact the person or company listed in the bid opportunity.

Many state contracting opportunities are also posted in WEBS - Washington’s Electronic Business Solution. To learn more about using WEBS, please review the WEBS Vendor Training Resources.

Submit a Bid Post:

Bid posting is a FREE service that OMWBE offers. Please use the Create Bid Post button below to submit your opportunity. Submitted posts will be reviewed by OMWBE before they are published. If you need to update a published bid post, please email to request an edit.

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Opportunities must include the following information:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Closing Date
  4. Organization
  5. Point of Contact
  6. Scheduled Publish Date

Please Note: We are no longer accepting file attachments with bid posts. Additional materials must be hosted on WEBS, or on your organization's website. We encourage you to provide links to your project details.

Projectsort descending Closing Date
11421-Cutting Edges for Snowplows & Graders 02/09/23
12722 Medical Personal Protective Equipment 03/03/23
2018107 - SIA Transmission Line Crossing Under I-90 02/27/23
2019148 - Call for Bids - Cochran Basin Stormwater Control Vault 02/28/23
2023 Crack Sealing 02/22/23
2023 Utility Rate Study Request for Proposals/Qualifications (RFP/Q) 03/06/23
2023 Water Main Improvements-SW 308 ST-6 PL SW to 1 AV S (23-1584) 02/14/23
2023-2025 Emergency Field Services (23-1583) 02/08/23
23-004 Circuit Switcher Repairs 02/17/23
5704 In-Unit Wi-Fi Initiative 02/10/23
Archeological Construction Monitoring 03/06/23
Bellingham International Airport Parking Lot Security Cameras 03/08/23
Bellingham Shipping Terminal Utility Improvements 2023 03/03/23
Bid No. 23-009BC Cell Phone Forensics Tool 02/14/23
Broadband Project Professional Services Cultural Resources Plan 03/01/23
Broadband Project Professional Services Design 03/02/23
C-2023-07 - Port of Woodland Noxious Weed Control Request for Estimate 02/14/23
Campbell Hill Elementary School Safety Upgrades 02/14/23
Chehalis Tribal Elders Building Water Damage Repair and Restoration 02/17/23
City of Grandview - Country Park Well - Drilling, Casing and Testing (HLA Project No. 22149) 02/15/23
City of Olympia RFP - Community Engagement: Fostering Connection and Belonging 02/27/23
City of Pasco WWTP Improvements Phase 2 02/15/23
City of Pasco WWTP Improvements Phase 2A 02/14/23
City of Sammamish Critical Areas Ordinance Update 02/23/23
City of Tacoma Solid Waste Management Downtown Compactor Enclosure Upgrade 02/14/23
City of Union Gap - New Library and Community Center 02/08/23
Clark Public Utilities Notice to Vendors 12/31/23
Clark Public Utilities Small Works Roster & Professional Engineering & Architects Roster 12/31/23
Clark Regional Wastewater District - Curtin Creek Phase 1 SEP 02/23/23
Communications and Research Services - North Thurston Public Schools 02/08/23
County City Building - Jail Emergency Generator Replacement 03/10/23
DBE Business Opportunities Working with Shipyard for WSF 12/31/23
Design-Build RFQ - Schweitzer Engineering Hall 02/14/23
Digital Interactives Repair and Replacement RFQ J2023-03 02/23/23
Digital Interactives Repair and Replacement RFQ J2023-03 02/23/23
DOC RFQQ K13081 DOJ Certified PREA Auditors 02/15/23
DOH IHRC Inc ABiL Sole Source Contract to be Awarded 02/17/23
DOH PRV27738-0 Biobot Analytics, Inc. Sole Source Contract to be awarded 02/08/23
Drug & Alcohol Testing and Occupational Health 03/15/23
Evergreen Manufacturing Growth Grants 06/30/23
Executive Recruitment Services RFP 02/15/23
Fiber Optic Network Construction 02/17/23
Green Hill School (GHS) Baker North Design and Remodel 02/23/23
Green Hill School - Baker North Design & Remodel 02/23/23
Honey Dew Elementary School Safety Upgrades 02/14/23
Housing And Social Services Provision For Oxford House Project 03/03/23
IFB VHA Azalea Place Apts Preservation Project #441-2022-01 02/21/23
Instructional Programs Relocation - Highline College 02/14/23
Invitation to Bid - LUD #40 Bill Point Water Part 1 03/09/23
Invitation to Bid - LUD #40 Bill Point Water Part 2 03/09/23
JOB ORDER CONTRACT – Subcontracting Opportunities in Vancouver, WA 10/31/24
Job Order Contracting Services 2023 02/27/23
Kitsap Transit Project KT 23-817 Vehicle Body Repair and Painting 02/21/23
Kitsap Transit Project KT 23-818 West Bremerton Transit Center Utility Study 02/22/23
KT 23-813 - Genset Bow Loader 02/17/23
Landscape Maintenance 02/28/23
Landscape Maintenance 02/09/23
Lewis County Juvenile Courtroom Technology and Audio/Video Design and Installation 02/21/23
Lincoln County Archaeological Monitoring Plan 02/16/23
Lincoln County Archaeological Monitoring Plan-WSBO 02/16/23
Mariner High School - BP 32.1 & BP 32.2 02/15/23
Metro Parks Tacoma Small Works Roster 12/31/23
Metro Parks Tacoma Vendor Purchasing Roster 12/31/23
Mukilteo School District 2023 Small Works Roster 12/31/23
Mukilteo School District No. 6 RFQ Architects, Engineers, and Professional Consultants 06/20/23
Northshore School District Warehouse Improvements 02/20/23
On-Call Architectural Services Contract 03/07/23
On-call Engineering Services 03/07/23
Patient Centered Medical, Home, and Electronic Health Records Solicitation 04/04/23
Paving at Sunrise Community Facility 02/28/23
Planning Consultant Services, Regional Community Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) 02/10/23
Plumbing Repairs and Bathtub Replacement 02/24/23
Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Polar Bear Exhibit Improvements # J2023-05 02/23/23
Port of Columbia WA - Invitation to Bid - Colocation Facility 03/03/23
Port of Columbia WA Broadband - Fiber-to-the-Home Design Work 03/03/23
Port of Columbia WA Broadband Project - Cultural Resources Plan 03/03/23
Port of Tacoma - Workforce Development Strategic Plan 03/03/23
Port of Woodland Small Works Roster 12/31/23
Puget Sound Clean Air Agency 03/15/23
Reducing COVID-19 Related Health Disparities in Clallam and Jefferson Counties 02/24/23
REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) 2023-2024 Trail Design, Construction, and Maintenance: Evans Creek Preserve and Big Rock Park South 02/20/23
Request for Qualifications: A&E Roster for  Architectural, Engineering and Surveyor Firms 12/31/23
Request for Statement of Qualifications Regional Sports Complex Feasibility Study 02/23/23
Requesting Quotes for US 2 & US 97 Leavenworth & N of Blewett Pass 02/14/23
RFP #22-1300 - OFM - One Wa Executive Program Director 02/22/23
RFP 123-449 Ike Kinswa State Park - Food and Beverage Concession 02/28/23
RFP 123-450 Ike Kinswa State Park - Water Rentals 02/28/23
RFP 123-451 Mount St Helens Visitor Center - Food and Beverage Concession 02/28/23
RFP 123-476 Alta Lake State Park Concession Store 03/10/23
RFP 1616 Educational and Promotional Vides for Vanpool Program 02/20/23
RFP 23-100 - Background Checks Services 02/22/23
RFP131 WA Lottery Application/My Lottery 360 03/23/23
RFP23-020 Situational Awareness Software 03/16/23
RFP27443 WIC and SFMNP Shopper Smartphone Application (App) 03/06/23
RFQ 123-463 Deception Pass West Beach 2021 Storm Damage Repairs – Design and Permitting 03/02/23
RFQ 22-400 OFM HR Recruitment Services 02/17/23
RFQ No. 23-001SB Arlington Operations Center Redevelopment Design Build Services 02/23/23
RFQQ 22-DCYF-CW-037 Network Administrator for East Side of the Cascade Mountains 02/22/23
Rural Energy 2023 03/23/23
San Juan Island School District STEM Art Room 02/28/23
Seasonal Maintenance & Establishment of Various Mitigation Plantings 02/14/23
Sierra Treatment System (Valley Water District) - REBID 02/17/23
Small Works Roster Year 2023 - WSU 04/01/23
Smart Growth Progress Indicator Selection and Development Project 02/13/23
Social Service Provision for Young Adult Shared Housing “Genesis House Project” 03/03/23
Solicitation for Roster of Architectural and Engineering Firms 01/31/24
South Puget Sound Community College (SPSCC) Infrastructure Pump Lift Station Replacement 02/14/23
Spokane Housing Authority-Central Office Tenant Improvements 03/10/23
Spokane Housing Authority-Repair and Replacement of Plumbing Systems at three MF Properties 03/03/23
SR 8, US 12 to US 101 Paving 02/08/23
Sub-bids Requested Port of Seattle Pier 66 Fender System Rehabilitation 02/09/23
Surveyor Services 02/21/23
SW-0321368 - Flooring and Wall Covering On-Call 2023 02/14/23
TEL-260389 Gold Creek Fiber Project 02/14/23
Town of Concrete - Town Attorney 02/28/23
Town of Concrete 2023 Professional Services Roster 12/31/23
US 395, NSC Spokane River Crossing 02/15/23
Vehicle Detailing Services 02/16/23
WA-APCD Environmental Scan 02/27/23
Water Line Repair/Replacement 02/15/23
Water Meter Replacement Project 02/28/23
Water Station 4 Well House 4B Replacement 02/28/23
West Hill Booster Pump Station Improvements Project 02/28/23
Whatcom Co RFI #22-60; Community Inclusion Services to Adults with Developmental Disabilities 12/31/23
Whatcom Co RFI #22-61; Pathways to Employment Services to Adults with Developmental Disabilities 12/31/23
Whatcom Co RFI #22-62; Child Developemnt Services to Infants and Toddlers with Developmental Disabilities and Delays 12/31/23
Whatcom Co RFP #23-08 Contractor to Provide USDOT Approved Class-A Commercial Driver's License (CDL) Training 02/14/23
Whatcom Co; 22-65 Domestic Violence Perpetrator Opportunity for Treatment Services 12/31/23
Whatcom County 22-52 Funding for Childcare and Early Learning Facilities (Capital Program) 03/07/23
Whipple Creek North Pump Station Upgrade Project 02/16/23
WSDOT I-405R2B: RFB - Jack & Bore Stormwater Drainage 03/10/23
WSP-K9s-001 - Canine Purchases for Detection Work 02/13/23