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Bids & Contracting Opportunities

The following opportunities, notices, RFPs, and RFQs are sent to OMWBE by state and government agencies and prime contractors to help in their outreach efforts to minority and women-owned businesses. If you would like to post an opportunity, notice, RFQ or RFP, please mail your notice in Word format to OMWBE Web Admin. If you are a firm interested in bidding on one of the opportunities, please follow the instructions in the posted opportunity.  If you have any questions about a specific opportunity, please contact the person or company listed in the ad. Use of the information on this site is subject to the Terms of Service.

Projectsort ascending Closing Date
Youth Violence Prevention Programs - Pierce County 03/02/18
Sub bid - P 834 SEA WOLF Class Service Pier Extension, Naval Base Kitsap Bangor, Silverdale WA 03/15/18
State Ferries Seattle Multi-modal Terminal at Colman Dock 03/01/18
Spencer Creek Business Park-Commercial Development Parcel, Port of Kalama 02/28/18
Small Works Roster & Professional Engineering & Architects Roster 12/31/18
Shonomish County Independent Claims Audit RFP -17-18HB 03/12/18
RSQ - Request for Qualifications for Engineering Services, Ritzville WA 03/08/18
RSQ - Request for Qualification Data to Furnish Engineering Services, Endicott WA 03/01/18
RSQ - Furnish Engineering and Land Surveying Services, Harrington WA 03/02/18
RFQQ: Land Surveying Services--Marine Shoreline and Tideland , Poulsbo, WA 02/23/18
RFQQ NO. 18-200, Small Business Impact Analysis Convenience Contracts, Olympia, WA 03/09/18
RFQQ 18-300 Southern Resident Killer Whale Task Force Facilitation and Support, 03/02/18
RFQQ - 1734-664 Placement Rate Study, DSHS 03/23/18
RFQ: Architectural, Engineering And Architectural Landscaping And Consulting Services, Twon of Concrete 12/31/18
RFQ: 2017-2018 Critical Patient Care And Specialized Medical Research Facilities Roster – General Contractors 12/31/18
RFQ-01-18HB Construction Inspection Services, Snohomish County 03/05/18
RFQ - Pro Tem Hearing Examiner Services, Seattle, WA 03/12/18
RFQ - Legal Services, Aging and Disability Services, Seattle Human Services Dept 03/07/18
RFQ - Consulting Services - Fast Ferry Feasibility Study No PT-14-18, Pierce County WA 03/27/18
RFQ - Artist(s) - Utility Box Wrap Program, Renton WA 03/16/18
RFQ - Adult Day Care Services in Southwest Washington, Vancouver WA 02/23/18
RFQ - 01-18HB Construction Inspection Services, Everett, Snohomish County WA 03/05/18
RFQ #18-01: 2018 Open Roster For: General Professional Architectural, Engineering & Other Consulting Services, Whatcom County 12/31/18
RFP: Family Caregiver Support Program (FCSP) for the Snohomish County 04/06/18
RFP01838: Consultant Services for Building Condition Assessment 03/01/18
RFP 2018-003: Supplemental Environment Impact Statement, Tacoma WA 03/08/18
RFP 1835-675, Technical Assistance and Training Services for Supported Employment and Supportive Housing Programs, DSHS 02/27/18
RFP 1813-CSD001, LEP Employment and ESL Services, DSHS 03/29/18
RFP - Workforce Collaborative for Wraparound with Intensive Services (WISe), DBHR/DSHS 03/28/18
RFP - State Legislative Liaison Services for Pierce Transit PT-09-18, Lakewood WA 02/28/18
RFP - Post street bridge replacement design-build project 2017105, Spokane 03/19/18
RFP - General Sewer/Wastewater Facilities Plan, Clallam Bay and Sekiu Sewerage District 03/14/18
RFP - Employee Wellness Center RFP 2018-177, Bellingham WA 03/26/18
RFP - ADA Paratransit Services - Pierce Transit PT-03-18, Lakewood WA 03/08/18
RFP - No. RFP02849: Seattle Public Schools Firewall Replacement, Seattle WA 03/21/18
RFP #1834-673 TBI Support Group Funding and Facilitator Training, DSHS, 03/23/18
RFI- Digital Communications Grant - Division of Child Support - DSHS RFI 1830-677 02/28/18
RFI - UW-18-223RKH - Enterprise Resource Planning Readiness and Implementation Planning Solution, Seattle WA 03/16/18
Queen Anne Elementary School Addition, Bid No. B11718. Seattle School District No. 1 03/01/18
Qualifications - Engineering Construction Observation and Admin Services - 7th St Reconstruction, Prosser WA 03/15/18
Proposals - General Construction Services SHA Solictation #5051, Seattle, WA 02/23/18
P-834 Seawolf Class Service Pier Extension-Naval Base Kitsap Bangor 03/15/18
Notice to Vendors, Clark Public Utilities 12/31/18
Notice - 2018 Small Works Roster for Metro Parks, Tacoma WA 12/31/18
North Satellite Renovation and Expansion Project, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport 02/27/18
No. 1001373 Pattison Maintenance, Operations and Administrative (MOA) Facility Expansion & Rehabilitation for Intercity Transit, Olympia WA 03/01/18
Master Contract 00508-Janitorial Services Open Enrollment Announcement 12/31/18
JOB ORDER CONTRACT - Subcontract Opportunity 12/31/18
Ingraham High School Addition; Seattle, WA 03/01/18
Eastmont Aquatic Center Modernization Project, No. 17-014, East Wenatchee, WA 03/08/18
Chelan County Clean Solutions Moderate Risk Waste Facility Wenatchee, WA 03/13/18
Brotherhood Reservoir Project, City Of West Richland, WA 03/13/18
Bids - North Wapato Lift Station, Wapato WA 03/08/18
Bids - I-90 Yakima River Bridges Cle Elum - Ellensburg EB & WB, Ellensburg WA 02/28/18
Bid Request - North Satellite Renovation and Expansion Project, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport 03/22/18
Bid No. B11721 Leschi and Lowell Elementary Schools Seismic Improvements and Exterior Door Replacement, Seattle WA 03/08/18
Bid -No. 012-18SB Concrete Products Delivered, Everett, Snohomish County WA 02/27/18
Bid - Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements- Project #146.46, Sutherlin OR 03/14/18
Bid - Tacoma Transit Center Renewals Spec No PT-87-17, Pierce County WA 03/22/18
Bid - Skyview/Canyon Creek Addition-Structures, Bothell WA 02/27/18
Bid - Skyview/Canyon Creek Addition-Fire Sprinklers and Site Development, Bothell WA 02/28/18
Bid - Queen Ann Elementary School Addition, Seattle WA 03/14/18
Bid - Port Townsend Mountain View Commons Improvement Project, Port Townsend WA 02/28/18
Bid - Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Rocky Shores Elevator Improvements #J2018-04, Tacoma WA 03/01/18
Bid - Parking Lots Frost Heave Repairs, Odessa, WA 03/15/18
Bid - No. 18-0028 - Columbia Playfield Playground Safety Surfacing - Rebid, Richland WA 03/02/18
Bid - No. 014-18SB Support Service, Cisco Products, Everett, Snohomish County WA 02/27/18
Bid - No B12728 Dearborn Park ES Roof Replacement & Seismic Upgrades, Seattle WA 03/13/18
Bid - Municipal Services Facility Landscaping Project, West Richland WA 02/27/18
Bid - Maltby Phase 1 ES #21, Woodinville WA 03/13/18
Bid - Lakeshore Drive Overlay and Trail Extension TIB No 6-E-849(006)-1, Entiat WA 03/01/18
Bid - Installation of Meter Equipment on Fuel and Storage Tanks IFB 04-18, Richland WA 02/27/18
Bid - Hannegan Road/ Ten Mile Creek Bridge No. 236, Whatcom County WA 03/13/18
Bid - Florence Street Sewer Project, Enumclaw WA 03/01/18
Bid - Cusick Water Treatment Plant, Cusick, Pend Oreille Co WA 03/06/18
Bid - Center City Connector Streetcar (FTA) PW#2017-105, Seattle WA 03/07/18
Bid - B11720 Eckstein Middle School Athletic Field and Jogging Track Improvements, Seattle WA 02/28/18
Bid - Asotin County Fire and Life Safety Project, Clarkston WA 03/13/18
Bid - 2018 Frost Heave Repairs, Odessa WA 03/22/18
Bid - Bus Stop Pad Construction and Improvements Project #1733, Thurston County WA 03/16/18
Announcement of ITPS 2nd Tier Solicitation, Work Request (WR) #1824-676: Application Developer for eJAS, DSHS 02/23/18
2018 MRSC Rosters, Small Public Works, Consultant, and Vendor Rosters For All Participating Washington State Local Government Agencies 12/31/18