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Bids & Contracting Opportunities

The following opportunities, notices, RFPs, and RFQs are sent to OMWBE by state and government agencies and prime contractors to help in their outreach efforts to minority and women-owned businesses. If you are a business interested in bidding on one of the opportunities, please follow the instructions in the posted opportunity. If you have any questions about a specific opportunity, please contact the person or company listed in the bid opportunity.

Many state contracting opportunities are also posted in WEBS - Washington’s Electronic Business Solution. To learn more about using WEBS, please review the WEBS Vendor Training Resources.

See OMWBE's forecasted purchases for fiscal year 2024.

Submit a Bid Post:

Bid posting is a FREE service that OMWBE offers. Please use the Create Bid Post button below to submit your opportunity. Submitted posts will be reviewed by OMWBE before they are published. If you need to update a published bid post, please email to request an edit.

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Opportunities must include the following information:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Closing Date
  4. Organization
  5. Point of Contact
  6. Scheduled Publish Date

Please Note: We are no longer accepting file attachments with bid posts. Additional materials must be hosted on WEBS, or on your organization's website. We encourage you to provide links to your project details.

Project Closing Datesort descending
KT 23-870 - Training Facility Siting Study 11/28/23
DES 2024-446 - Dept. of Social and Health Services - Statewide - Predesign Services 11/28/23
Sinlahekin Wildlife Area Residence Roof Replace 11/28/23
Snoqualmie WLA, Cherry Valley Unit New Well (Nov 2023) 11/28/23
Benson Hill Elementary School Mechanical Upgrades 11/28/23
Oracle Enterprise Software Renewal 11/28/23
Whatcom Co; RFP #23-86 Clinical Laboratory Services for the Whatcom Co Jail 11/28/23
Feasibility Study Implementing a Digital Credential on a mobile device 11/28/23
Ferry County EMS Station #1 11/29/23
Beech St and 30th Ave Buffered Bike Lanes Project 11/29/23
Commercial Property Management Services 11/29/23
Camas NW 38th Avenue Improvements, Phase 3 11/29/23
JSCEE – Phase II Central Kitchen Renovation 11/29/23
10264 Request for Proposal for Broadband Design 11/29/23
Well 7A Construction 11/29/23
Town of Conconully - Community Service Center 11/29/23
Medicaid 1115 Waiver Policy Consultant RFP 11/29/23
TEL-260301 Turko Node Project (ARPA) and TEL-260407 Keyport Node Project (ARPA) 11/30/23
JOB ORDER CONTRACT - FORMA Construction Bid Opportunities 11/30/23
DES 2024-420 - DSHS Eastern State Hospital - Medical Lake - Design Services 11/30/23
2024 Northside Alley Paving 11/30/23
Spanaway MS Clinic TI 11/30/23
RFP 325-085 Floats Extensions at Lake Chelan State Park 11/30/23
City of Cle Elum - First Street Improvements Phase 3 – Downtown Revitalization (HLA Project No. 23150 11/30/23
Pattison 500 Tri-Lakes Booster Station 11/30/23
POSC - Northern State Multi Service (SWIFT Center) AOC 1 Sub-Slab Depressurization System Installation 11/30/23
Port of Seattle IAF Airline Realignment BP #1 - Enabling Work 11/30/23
Bill Point - Part 3 Chlorination Project 11/30/23
SDOT 23-045QP RAPIDRIDE J Line BRT CM Services (FTA) 12/01/23
BI2200 - Digester System Improvements Phase 2 Request for Contractor Qualifications 12/01/23
Vending Machine Concessionaire 12/01/23
Kitsap Transit Project KT 23-871 Seattle Terminal Site Environmental Study 12/01/23
RFP 325-022 Pumpout Facilities Enhancement Assessment 12/01/23
Smokey Point Community Park 12/01/23
2022065 - 29th/Washington/Monroe/Lincoln Grind & Overlays Call for Bids 12/04/23
Patrol Tactics Instructor 12/04/23
South Park Community Center Stabilization & Site Redevelopment 12/04/23
RFP for Apprentice Job Coach 12/04/23
Community Reinvestment Financial Coaching and Mentorship Grant Project 12/04/23
2022082 - Marshall Road Phase 3 Transmission Main Call for Bids 12/04/23
DOH24-010C RFP Design Print WMG WA 12/04/23
City of Kirkland: CItywide Traffic Count Program 12/04/23
RFP No. 2023_RFP_E1 - Lair Auditorium Sound System Upgrade 12/04/23
RFP No. 2023_RFP_E2 - Lair Auditorium Stage Rigging and Curtain Replacement 12/04/23
Project 2022064 - Market/Monroe/29th Grind & Overlays - Call for Bids 12/04/23
RFP No. 2023_RFP_E2 Lair Auditorium Stage Rigging and Curtain Replacement 12/04/23
RFP NO. 2023_RFP_E1 Lair Auditorium Sound System Upgrade 12/04/23
Whatcom Co Bid #23-75; E Smith Rd & Hannegan Rd Intersection Improvements 12/05/23
Skagit County Courthouse Rooftop Jail Removal 12/05/23
DOH24_015C Annual Tribal Public Health Emergency and Preparedness Conference 12/05/23
RFQ 208459 West Campus Utility Plant (WCUP) Chiller 4 12/06/23
Self-Insured Health Claims Auditor 12/06/23
Request for Proposals/Qualifications (RFP/Q) Archaeological On-Call Services 12/06/23
Julia Maley Park Well Treatment 12/06/23
PCL Construction ITB for UW VMC Infusion Center TI 12/07/23
Summit Pacific Hospital Expansion in Elma - Bids Requested 12/07/23
Seeking Bids for Connector Waterlines Project 12/07/23
RFQ 84b-2023 Meridian-Birchwood Transportation Improvements Phase 1 (City Project #ES564) 12/07/23
City of College Place - Lions Park Improvements 12/07/23
Plants & Trees 12/07/23
Notice to Consultants for City of Bellingham: James Street/Whatcom Creek Bridge (ER015 – Federal Aid Number BRM 5531-001) and Meador Avenue/Whatcom Creek Bridge (ER016 – Federal Aid Number BRM 5532-001) RFQ# 89B-2023 12/07/23
CALL FOR BIDS 12/08/23
RFP 325-021 Mount Saint Helens Exhibit Production and Installation 12/08/23
Request for Qualifications: Hazen High School Phased Modernization - Electrical (ECCM) and Mechanical (MCCM) Contractor Construction Managers 12/08/23
CALL FOR BIDS 12/08/23
K13309 - Request for Quotes and Qualifications (RFQQ) 12/08/23
King County Metro – Interim Base Electrification– Steel & Concrete Trade Partners 12/08/23
North Maintenance of Way (NMOW) Tenant Improvements 12/08/23
3D Imaging System 12/08/23
Statewide Contract for Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Services 12/08/23
Port of Bellingham - Janitorial Services 2024-26 RFP 12/11/23
Marshall Road Transmission Main Phase 2 Project 2022082 - Call for Bids 12/11/23
RFQQ 2023HCA31-Health Care Cost Analysis and Report 12/11/23
RFQ #2023HCA19 - Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) Enhanced Certification Training 12/11/23
RFQ 2023-51374 Pump Out Vessel Repowering 12/11/23
2024-2026 On-Call Plumbing Services RFB City of Olympia 12/11/23
Recommending a Planning and Evaluation Process for Offshore Wind Projects Request for Proposals 12/11/23
Cannabis Social Equity Technical Assistance Grant Program Consultant Request for Proposals 12/11/23
Camas Water System PFAS Evaluation and Well 13 PFAS Treatment Design 12/12/23
2023 Forks Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements 12/12/23
City of Duvall - Request for Qualifications - Big Rock Ballfields, Ph. 2 12/12/23
MCC TRU Program & Support Bldg. Roof Replacement - Department of Corrections 12/12/23
Hunt Middle School Round Building Remodel 12/12/23
City of Kirkland: Fire Station 26 Renovation 12/12/23
Buy America Audits & In-Plant Vehicle Inspections 12/12/23
Outside Healthcare Consultation Software (K13186) 12/13/23
RFQ 2023-51390 VPLE Restraint System 12/13/23
Power Outage Resilience 12/13/23
Invitation to Bid City of Woodland Water Reservoir No. 4 12/13/23
RFP Collection, Transportation, Recycling and/or Disposal of Used Oil, Antifreeze and Oil Filters 12/14/23
Alder House Renovations 12/14/23
RFP SCADA Design & Implementation, Port Hadlock Wastewater Project 12/14/23
FTTx in Davenport and Wilbur and Mid-mile Aerial & Underground between Harrington and Sprague 12/14/23
Minter Creek Hatchery Residence Energy Upgrades 12/14/23
ITS Smart Mobility Master Plan RFQ 12/14/23
School District Construction Project Open House 12/14/23
Town of Latah Water Reservoir Lining 12/14/23
RFP Material Testing Services for Port Hadlock Wastewater Project 12/15/23
Janitorial Services 12/15/23
RFQ Engineering & Related Services for Port Hadlock Wastewater Project 12/15/23
WRAP Restraint System 12/15/23
Pierce Transit RFP 1833 Destination 2045 LRP 12/15/23
DOH 24-016C-0 RFP Prevention of and Response to Female Genital Cutting (FGC) 12/18/23
City of Kahlotus - Water Meter Replacement Project 12/19/23
RFQ 230311- Port Angeles Operations Center Space Needs Assessment 12/19/23
Request for Statement of Qualifications 12/19/23
2023-162 G (2-1) - DCYF- Echo Glen School Bldg Security Surveillance - Department of Children, Youth & Families 12/19/23
City of Snohomish Solid Waste Collection RFP 12/19/23
24-RFQ-019 Wireline Ethernet or Fixed Wireless Services 12/20/23
24-RFQQ-002 User Experience Consulting Services 12/20/23
WSDOT Property Management Solicitation HQ072023 12/20/23
Janitorial Services City of Woodland 12/20/23
Sunnyside HUD Renovations 12/20/23
RFQ 2023-51414 Steel Sash Windows 12/21/23
RFQ 2412 WRP Lower Snake River Dam Removal Irrigation Impact Analysis 12/21/23
Eastside Elevated Water Reservoir 12/21/23
DES 2024-284 - Department of Veterans Affairs (WSVC) - Medical Lake - Design Services 12/21/23
DOH24_006C Death with Dignity Equity Evaluation 12/22/23
Washington Comprehensive Assessment Program 12/22/23
WSP Patrol Rifle Weapon System 12/22/23
Competitive Solicitation 25223 Linen and Laundry Services 12/23/23
City of Bremerton Eastside Manganese Treatment Facility Request for Proposal 12/29/23
MRSC Rosters 2023 12/31/23
Port of Woodland Small Works Roster 12/31/23
Clark Public Utilities Small Works Roster & Professional Engineering & Architects Roster 12/31/23
Snoqualmie Valley School District - Small Works Roster 12/31/23
Sound Transit Upcoming DBE Opportunities 12/31/23
Request for Qualifications: A&E Roster for  Architectural, Engineering and Surveyor Firms 12/31/23
Metro Parks Tacoma Vendor Purchasing Roster 12/31/23
Metro Parks Tacoma Small Works Roster 12/31/23
Mukilteo School District 2023 Small Works Roster 12/31/23
Clark County - Notice to Vendors 12/31/23
DBE Business Opportunities Working with Shipyard for WSF 12/31/23
Whatcom Co RFI #22-61; Pathways to Employment Services to Adults with Developmental Disabilities 12/31/23
Whatcom Co; 22-65 Domestic Violence Perpetrator Opportunity for Treatment Services 12/31/23
Whatcom Co RFI #22-62; Child Developemnt Services to Infants and Toddlers with Developmental Disabilities and Delays 12/31/23
Town of Concrete 2023 Professional Services Roster 12/31/23
Whatcom Co RFI #22-60; Community Inclusion Services to Adults with Developmental Disabilities 12/31/23
Clark Public Utilities Notice to Vendors 12/31/23
Early Learning Facilities Capital Readiness Pilot Program 01/02/24
Print and Mailing Services for WAHBE 01/02/24
Urban Agriculture Study 01/03/24
NORCOM 911- RFP - Console Furniture Replacement Project 01/05/24
Washington State All Payer Claims Database (WA-APCD) Lead Organization 01/05/24
DOH24-014C- Ukrainian- and Russian-speaking Vaccine Confidence and Health Promotion Campaign 01/05/24
Whatcom Co; RFP #23-88 Funding for Small Capital Housing Projects 01/09/24
K-4652 Digital Media & Marketing Management Services 01/10/24
Logan Hill Road MP 0.103 Fish Barrier Removal Project 01/11/24
Scoping and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Comprehensive Plan 01/12/24
WSAC - DreamAhead College Investment Plan RFP 01/12/24
BIIA2023CMS BIIA RFP - Legacy Appeals Case Management Replacement 01/12/24
RFQ 325-132 Float Replacements & Parking Upgrades at Sacajawea State Park 01/16/24
Whatcom Co; RFP #23-87 Funding for Childcare and Early Learning Facilities - Capital Program 01/23/24
Solicitation for Roster of Architectural and Engineering Firms 01/31/24
MSD-RFQ for Professional Services 05/31/24
University of Washington - Job Order Contract Opportunities 06/30/24
JOB ORDER CONTRACT – Subcontracting Opportunities in Vancouver, WA 10/31/24
Family Caregiver Counseling Services in Southwest Washington 12/31/24
Washington State Parks A/E Consultant Roster for the 23-25 Biennium 06/30/25
STATEWIDE Subcontracting Opportunities - Burton Construction, Inc. 12/31/26