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Bids & Contracting Opportunities

The following opportunities, notices, RFPs, and RFQs are sent to OMWBE by state and government agencies and prime contractors to help in their outreach efforts to minority and women-owned businesses. If you are a firm interested in bidding on one of the opportunities, please follow the instructions in the posted opportunity. If you have any questions about a specific opportunity, please contact the person or company listed in the bid opportunity.

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Our user bid posting system is undergoing maintenance and will be back up and running soon.
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Include the following details:

  1. Project Title
  2. Brief Description
  3. Closing Date
  4. Point of Contact
  5. Additional Materials
Project Closing Datesort descending
Continuing Care Retirement Community Authority Assessment and Report 05/23/22
Request for Qualification for Architectural Services – Winthrop, Okanogan County, WA 05/23/22
West Clarkston Heights FTTH (WCH-FTTH) 05/23/22
City of Torrance Fire Department Regional Training Center - Training Prop 05/23/22
Instructional Materials Review Project 05/23/22
Whatcom Co Bid #22-18; Marigold Dr Stormwater Improvements 05/24/22
Redmond Senior & Community Center Phase 2 05/24/22
JD Edwards Software Upgrade Consulting Services 05/24/22
Whatcom Co Bid #22-28; Lummi Island Dolphin Repair 05/24/22
Crab Creek Trestle Demolition Rebid 05/24/22
North Levee Road Pump Station 05/24/22
Olympic College Shop Building Renovation 05/24/22
Auction Services - Whatcom County 05/24/22
Sub-Metered Utilities Service Provider 05/24/22
Whatcom Co Bid #22-24; Mosquito Lake Rd/Hutchinson Creek Tributary Fish Passage Culvert Replacement 05/24/22
NE 162nd Ave. to Leadbetter Road Paving 05/25/22
2022–2025 WWTP Boiler Maintenance Services (22-1567) 05/25/22
RFP #828 – Design and Environmental Services for the Highway 99 Sidewalk Project between NE 102th Street and NE 104th Street 05/25/22
City of West Richland - SR 224/Red Mountain Transportation Improvements Project 05/25/22
Northwest Region HMA Crack Seal & Pavement Repair 05/25/22
Nondrivers: Population, Demographics, and Analysis - Joint Transportation Committee (JTC) 05/25/22
Mill and HMA paving on SR 17 with bridge deck repairs 05/25/22
Yauger Park Field Renovations Project No. 2017H 05/25/22
Small Works Quote #0330 – Mt Vista 8 Stormwater Facility Retrofit 05/25/22
Request for Proposal #827 CRESA Security System 05/25/22
Victor Steinbrueck Park Renovation 05/26/22
2022 Rail Materials Purchase - Port of Longview 05/26/22
Asotin Creek WLA Weatherly Unit Elk Fence Replacement 05/26/22
Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG) funded project: First Street Downtown Revitalization – Phase 3B 05/26/22
Walk-In Tub Project – Fircrest Bldg. 50 05/26/22
Youth Recreational Facilities Program (YRF) Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) Competitive Awards 2023-2025 Local Government 05/26/22
Stillman Creek Chehalis Basin Early Action Reach (EAR)Restoration 05/26/22
City of Tumwater Street Tree Plan and Regulations RFQ 05/27/22
Fire Station Design Services 05/27/22
Information Technology Strategic Plan 05/31/22
RFI #1430 Paratransit/On-Demand Management Software 05/31/22
KC000569 - Market Research Consultants-Evaluation, Research & Data Services 05/31/22
NE 85th St. Pedestrian/Bike Connection 114th Ave. NE to 6th St. 05/31/22
The Seattle Chapter Black Panther Party (SCBPP) Legacy Committee - RFQ - Project Manager 05/31/22
Help Me Grow Planning Coordination - Whatcom County 05/31/22
Restraint and Isolation Advisory Group 05/31/22
Generator for Oakridge Community Facility 05/31/22
Family Caregiver Counseling Services 05/31/22
HVAC Install for Oakridge Community Facility 05/31/22
Safe Station Pilot Progam 05/31/22
Big Bend WLA - Big Bend Unit Fencing - Q&A #1 05/31/22
Criminal Intelligence Analyst Services (Washington State Patrol) 05/31/22
Working Skiff Boat Purchase - Port of Longview 06/01/22
Challenger & Horizon Elementary Schools, BP-4.1, 8.1, 21.1, 22.1, 26.1, 31.1, 32.1 06/01/22
Request for Proposal No. RFP032245: Hearing Examiners for State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Process 06/01/22
Equity Review and Engagement Program for Comprehensive Plan Update 06/01/22
Fishers Mill Apartments Renovation Unit Doors 06/01/22
RFQQ - Transcription Services 06/01/22
Burl Apartments 06/01/22
Redmond Senior & Community Center 06/01/22
Tacoma Town Center 06/01/22
Hood Canal Communications - Installation of underground conduits, fiber optic cables, terminal fiber tails and utility vaults 06/02/22
Northern Hood Canal Fiber Extension Engineering Services 06/02/22
ITB Challenger & Horizon Elementary Schools, BP-3.1, 5.1, 8.2 06/02/22
Tacoma Dome Station Elevator Modernization Contract No. 1091 06/02/22
Oregon State Line to Military Rd Vic Paving, ADA & Sidewalks 06/02/22
Request for Proposals No. 2022-24 Conference Facilitation: OSPI Integrated Support Conference 06/02/22
Request for Proposal No. RFP042255: District Participatory Budget Engagement Consultant for Seattle Public Schools Participatory Budgeting 06/02/22
Fishers Mill Apartments Renovation Roof & Exterior Paint 06/02/22
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport Main Terminal Low Voltage Upgrade 06/02/22
Mason and Thurston Co Fish Barriers – Remove Fish Barriers Project Design Build 06/02/22
Housing Stability for Youth in Courts Grant 06/03/22
ITB 2022-055, Vehicle Storage & Training Facility Construction 06/03/22
RFP - Encouraging High Consumption Fuel Users To Use Electric Vehicles 06/03/22
Southwest Athletic Complex Netting - Seattle School District No. 1 Bid No. B032249 06/03/22
Pacific Hospital Preservation & Development Authority Programmatic Planning 06/03/22
Encouraging High Consumption Fuel Users to Use Electric Vehicles Study 06/03/22
Medical Director - Opiate Addiction Medical Treatment Services 06/03/22
Washington State Peer Specialist Network 06/03/22
KT #22-772 – Marketing Campaigns 2022 06/06/22
2017178 - Washington Basin Stormwater 06/06/22
Hopelink Website Redesign 06/06/22
2014153 T.J. Meenach Drive from Pettet Drive to Northwest Boulevard 06/06/22
322-2021-04 Fishers Mill Apartments Drainage & ADA Improvements 06/06/22
2020095 - Sundance III Force Main 06/06/22
Local Food for Schools Cooperative Agreements - Request for Information 06/06/22
Glen Williams Access Redevelopment – Phase 1 06/07/22
Central Kitsap Treatment Plant HVAC System Replacement 06/07/22
RFP 829 – Select Engineering Services for Pavement Improvements of St. Johns Road (NE 68th St to NE 78th St) 06/08/22
Systemic Pedestrian Treatments- Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons 06/08/22
Samish Xwch'ángteng Development on 34th Street, 2019 34th St, Anacortes, WA 98221 06/09/22
SR-500/Everett Street Corridor Analysis NE Lake Road to NE 3rd Street City of Camas Project No. T1041 06/09/22
Shine Plat Consolidation and Bywater Bay Water System Water Extension 06/09/22
Request for Qualifications - Fruitvale Blvd / River Road / 34th Avenue Roundabouts 06/09/22
Architectural and Engineering Services for Gender Inclusive Restroom and Locker Room Guidelines and Standards 2022 06/09/22
Request for Proposal (RFP) for Capacity Building for Homeless Service Providers (RFP: 22-004-HOMELESS-CB) 06/10/22
Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) for Affordable Housing Development and Preservation (22-002-Housing-AHP) 06/10/22
Homeless Service Provider Stipend 06/10/22
Homeless Service Providers Workforce Needs Study 06/13/22
Study to Evaluate Costs of Planning Requirements 06/13/22
2019088 Cycle 9 Traffic Calming Projects 06/13/22
2018058 and 2018059 Cochran Basin Treatment Facilities Downriver Disc Golf Treatment Facility and Downriver Park Treatment Facility 06/13/22
Peer Mentor Services 06/13/22
Veterans Park Enhancements Constructions 06/14/22
Whatcom Co RFQ #22-25; Solid Waste Code Enforcement Abatement 06/14/22
Request for Qualifications No. 2022-46 National Board Regional Coordinators 06/15/22
Recovery Housing Expansion Pilot 06/16/22
61st Place West Culvert Replacement 06/16/22
Industrial Symbiosis 06/17/22
Competitive Solicitation 11021 Snow and Ice Control Products [highway & roadways] 06/20/22
Building for the Arts Program - Notice of Funding Opportunity 06/23/22
2022-058 On-Board Survey 06/24/22
Lynnwood Community Recovery Center Construction 06/29/22
University of Washington Small Works Roster 11/08/22
2022 MRSC Rosters 12/31/22
Clark Public Utilities Small Works Roster & Professional Engineering & Architects Roster 12/31/22
Town of Concrete Professional Services Roster - RFQ 12/31/22
2022 Small Works Roster - Metro Parks Tacoma 12/31/22
Small Works Roster: Mukilteo School District 12/31/22
RFP 2234-804, Washington COVID-19 Immigrant Relief Fund - DSHS 12/31/22
Consultant Services - WSU 12/31/22
WSDOT/I-405 (Renton to Bellevue) Widening and Express Toll Lanes Design-Build Project 12/31/22
Clark Public Utilities Notice to Vendors 12/31/22
RFQ - The Metropolitan Park District of Tacoma 12/31/22
Solicitation for Roster of Architectural and Engineering Firms 01/31/24