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Bids & Contracting Opportunities

The following opportunities, notices, RFPs, and RFQs are sent to OMWBE by state and government agencies and prime contractors to help in their outreach efforts to minority and women-owned businesses. If you are a business interested in bidding on one of the opportunities, please follow the instructions in the posted opportunity. If you have any questions about a specific opportunity, please contact the person or company listed in the bid opportunity.

Many state contracting opportunities are also posted in WEBS - Washington’s Electronic Business Solution. To learn more about using WEBS, please review the WEBS Vendor Training Resources.

Submit a Bid Post:

Bid posting is a FREE service that OMWBE offers. Please use the Create Bid Post button below to submit your opportunity. Submitted posts will be reviewed by OMWBE before they are published. If you need to update a published bid post, please email to request an edit.

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Opportunities must include the following information:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Closing Date
  4. Organization
  5. Point of Contact
  6. Scheduled Publish Date

Please Note: We are no longer accepting file attachments with bid posts. Additional materials must be hosted on WEBS, or on your organization's website. We encourage you to provide links to your project details.

Project Closing Datesort ascending
JOB ORDER CONTRACT – Subcontracting Opportunities in Vancouver, WA 10/31/24
Solicitation for Roster of Architectural and Engineering Firms 01/31/24
Clark Public Utilities Small Works Roster & Professional Engineering & Architects Roster 12/31/23
Clark Public Utilities Notice to Vendors 12/31/23
Mukilteo School District 2023 Small Works Roster 12/31/23
Request for Qualifications: A&E Roster for  Architectural, Engineering and Surveyor Firms 12/31/23
Sound Transit Upcoming DBE Opportunities 12/31/23
Metro Parks Tacoma Small Works Roster 12/31/23
Metro Parks Tacoma Vendor Purchasing Roster 12/31/23
Port of Woodland Small Works Roster 12/31/23
DBE Business Opportunities Working with Shipyard for WSF 12/31/23
Whatcom Co; 22-65 Domestic Violence Perpetrator Opportunity for Treatment Services 12/31/23
Whatcom Co RFI #22-62; Child Developemnt Services to Infants and Toddlers with Developmental Disabilities and Delays 12/31/23
Town of Concrete 2023 Professional Services Roster 12/31/23
Whatcom Co RFI #22-60; Community Inclusion Services to Adults with Developmental Disabilities 12/31/23
Whatcom Co RFI #22-61; Pathways to Employment Services to Adults with Developmental Disabilities 12/31/23
Evergreen Manufacturing Growth Grants 06/30/23
Mukilteo School District No. 6 RFQ Architects, Engineers, and Professional Consultants 06/20/23
I-405 Brickyard to SR 527 Improvements Design-Build Project 05/10/23
2023-018 Aging Kinship Caregiver Services 05/05/23
2023-016 Behavioral Health Services for Aging and Long-Term Care 05/05/23
IT Development Services Solicitation 16322 05/01/23
RFQ 2023-15: Beginning Educator Support Team Mentor Faculty ESA Specialists 04/28/23
RFQ 2023-11: National Board Regional Coordinators and Trainers 04/28/23
IDIQ 123-511 Signs and Decals for State Parks 04/27/23
FORMA: Illahee Middle School Replacement - Subcontracting Opportunity 04/26/23
Equity Consultant R23-1119 04/25/23
Competitive Solicitation 14022 - Walk in Step Vans 04/24/23
NORCOM 911- RFP - Facilities Study 04/21/23
LCC Copper Cabling Installation, FY 2023 04/20/23
Hawley Hills Reservoir and Booster Station 04/19/23
King County Metro Subcontractor RFP - South Facilities (SF) Building 04/19/23
Strategic Plan Phase 2 Consulting Services 04/17/23
Franz Anderson Rd Tiny Home Village Operations Management 04/17/23
Consultant Roster for Various Projects Request for Qualifications (RFQ) 04/14/23
Port of Seattle- PortGen Connections A&E WMBE Firms and Primes April 12, 2023 Event 04/13/23
Palouse to Cascades State Park Trail - Crab Creek Trestle Replacement 04/13/23
2023 Home-Delivered Meals RFQ 04/12/23
Multicultural Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) Services RFP 04/12/23
208160 Fluke Fire Alarm Upgrades - Request For Proposals 04/12/23
Pierce County Planning & Public Works Call for Bids ADA Improvement Program 04/12/23
Pierce County Planning & Public Works Call for Bids 112th Street South 04/12/23
Competitive Solicitation 14822 IT Project Management Services 04/12/23
The 2023 Congregate Meals for Older Adults RFQ 04/12/23
IT Project Management 04/12/23
City of Lacey Mayor's Gala Event Coordination RFP 04/11/23
RFP 123-499 Fisk Property Health Thinning Harvesting 04/11/23
Community Action Council- Monarch Expansion 04/11/23
Local Food for Washington Schools 04/11/23
IFB 123-518 Fisk Property Forest Health Thinning Log Sale 04/11/23
Request for Proposal (RFP) Land Appraisal Services 04/11/23
Town of Concrete Secondary Access Project - Right-of-Way Acquisition 04/10/23
Pavement Marking on Jefferson County Roads - Calendar Yrs 2023 - 2025 04/10/23
Small Business Resiliency Network (SBRN) Credit Building Pilot Program 04/09/23
Port of Seattle Business Opportunity: 23-16- P-69 Janitorial Services 04/08/23
Port of Seattle 23-16 P-69 Janitorial Services 04/07/23
Western State Hospital - New Forensic Hospital Project - Request for Qualifications- Electrical Contractor/CM 04/06/23
Univ. of Washington, Citrix Environment, Housing & Food Services, RFQQ 04/06/23
ADA Improvements at Ike Kinswa State Park (Lewis County) 04/06/23
207541 UW South Campus Center Room 316 Renovation 04/06/23
Western State Hospital - New Forensic Hospital Project - Request for Qualifications- Plumbing Contractor/CM 04/06/23
Mukilteo SD Gate Replacement Project 04/05/23
Basin City Water-Sewer District Water Service Meter Installation and Water Distribution System BCE Consolidation Project Rebid 04/05/23
SCWQP Tunnel Effluent Pump Station - Ballard Conveyance 04/05/23
Bigelow Gulch Road Phase 2 - Spokane County 04/05/23
High Dune Trail - Damon Road to Chance A La Mer - Rebid 2 04/04/23
2023 Plastic Markings - 23-3011.2 04/04/23
2023 Asphalt Grinding - 23-3001.2 04/04/23
Food Service Disposables 04/04/23
Patient Centered Medical, Home, and Electronic Health Records Solicitation 04/04/23
Developing a Lead Service Line Inventory 04/03/23
Boundary County Airport - Slope Stabilization Project 04/03/23
Port of Edmonds Request for Proposals - Rebranding Services 04/03/23
RFP 2023-13: Online Training Modules 04/03/23
2010132 - T.J. Meenach Drive Siphon Vaults 04/03/23
Small Works Roster Year 2023 - WSU 04/01/23
Pierce County LOI No. LOI-23-002-ADR - Senior Ethnic Congregate Nutrition Services 03/31/23
Western State Hospital - Ward C9 Renovation Project - RFP 03/31/23
Competitive Solicitation 17622 - Spoken Language Interpreter Services Court Credentialed 03/31/23
Pierce Transit RFI 1380 for Coffee Shop Establishment 03/31/23
RFP Professional Services for Annual Wetland and Stream Services 03/31/23
2022 Service Change Bus Stops Phase 2 03/31/23
Town of Concrete - Water System Plan Update 03/31/23
RFB#1542 Pressure Washing Services 03/30/23
Kruger Rd. MP 1.2 Culvert Project 03/30/23
Rehabilitate Taxiway A; Reconstruct Taxiway A4; and Taxiway Edge Lighting Reconstruction 03/30/23
Invitation for Bids - Oroville Orchard Apartments 03/30/23
Request for Proposals to Clean and Clear the Cheeka Peak Air Monitoring Site near Neah Bay, WA 03/30/23
Evergreen High School Replacement - Bid Set 1: BP-31.1, BP-31.2 03/30/23
Intercity Transit South Parcel Expansion 03/30/23
Unit Price Miscellaneous Electrical Services 03/30/23
2023 Sewer Rehabilitation 03/30/23
Univ. of Washington, Interior Paint Summer 2023 Terry Hall and Maple Hall, Invitation To Bid 03/30/23
Ballard House Asbestos Abatement 03/30/23
Kootenai County - Phase 1 Water Improvements 03/30/23
Town of Pe Ell - Mauerman Road Waterline 03/30/23
Metal Free Span Carport Structures 03/29/23
L230- Sound Transit NE 130th Street Infill Station Finishes 03/29/23
Barge Repair and Preservation, McNeil Island Vessel #1 03/29/23
Glen Alder Mainline Replacement 03/29/23
Kitsap Transit Project KT 23-827 Charleston Base Garage Door Replacement 03/29/23
WSDOT Grays Harbor US 12 SR 8 Remove Fish Barriers 03/29/23
City of Grandview - Headworks Bypass Improvements 03/29/23
Temporary Healthcare Staffing 03/29/23
RFP 23BB0501-Network Translation Services 03/29/23
City of Grandview - Wine Country Road Roundabout and Utility Improvements (HLA Project Nos. 21250 & 22202) 03/29/23
Western State Hospital - New Forensic Hospital Project - Request for Qualifications- Mechanical Contractor/CM 03/29/23
Temporary Personnel Services 03/29/23
Sheriff West Precinct Airport & Paine Field 03/28/23
Sno-Isle Tech 2023 Small Works 03/28/23
Aldercrest Campus Field Replacement 03/28/23
Request For Bids Notice Window Replacement Lindquist Dental Clinic for Children is seeking bids from qualified, licensed and bonded contractors to perform specific categories of work. 03/28/23
Building "A" Improvements 03/28/23
Whatcom Co Bid #23-23; 2023 Drydocking, Repair, and Maintenance of the Whatcom Chief Ferry 03/28/23
Whatcom Co; Bid #23-20 Hot Mix Asphalt Pre-level at Various Locations 03/28/23
Roof Replacement 03/28/23
City of Olympia Seeks Development Team for Phased Affordable Housing Project 03/27/23
Title Insurance/Escrow and Related Services 03/27/23
Port Hadlock Wastewater Facility Phase I – Site Prep, Earthwork, & Service Utilities 03/27/23
Western State Hospital (WSH) RFQ Wheelchair-accessible Fleet 03/27/23
Energize Olympia Heat Pump Installation Services 03/24/23
Criminal Court Disposition Search 03/24/23
Spokane - Havana Road and Longfellow Ave. 03/24/23
2023 City of Olympia CDBG Application for Funding 03/24/23
Water system design for supplemental well 03/24/23
Western State Hospital - New Forensic Hospital Project - Notice of Intent to Use Alternative Subcontractor Selection Process - Mass Timber Contractor/CM 03/24/23
Invitation to Bid: Renton High School Phased Science Rooms Modernization 03/24/23
Fiber Optic Network Construction 03/23/23
Rural Energy 2023 03/23/23
RFP131 WA Lottery Application/My Lottery 360 03/23/23
Kitsap Transit Project KT 23-820 NB Heavy Duty Maintenance Facility 03/23/23
RFP-23-011TB Invasive Aquatic Diving and Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting (DASH) Services 03/23/23
Wastewater Collection and Treatment Facility Improvements Project Phase 3: Collection System 03/23/23
Port of Bellingham - Fairhaven Railroad Crossing Modifications 03/23/23
GC/CM BID Renton High School Phased Science Rooms Modernization 03/23/23
Coeur d' Alene - Idaho - Blackwell Booster Station 03/23/23
Milne Electric - John Rogers Elementary School 03/23/23
Milne Electric - Alki Elementary School 03/23/23
Airport Runway Slurry Seal 03/22/23
Summit Pacific Medical Center Hospital Expansion MC/CM RFQ 03/22/23
Kittitas County Food Bank Expansion 03/22/23
Port of Whitman Business Air Center Beacon Demolition/Installation 03/22/23
Seattle Public Utilities - SCWQP: Tunnel Effluent Pump Station-Ballard Conveyance 03/22/23
Port of Seattle Contracting Opportunities March 14, 2023 03/22/23
SCWQP: Tunnel Effluent Pump Station – Ballard Conveyance 03/22/23
On Call NWSA Green Marine 2023 Verification Services 03/22/23
Puget Sound Energy (PSE) Distributed Solar and Storage Rquest for Proposal 03/22/23
I-82 Yakima River Bridges & Chandler Canal Bridge Deck Rehab 03/22/23
RFP022329: Project Manager for Safety and Training Consultant for Students’ Staff and Community at Large Planning (Planning with Principals/Administrators and Assessing) 03/22/23
1618 Consultant for 2023 Recovery Planning 03/22/23
Summit Pacific Medical Center Hospital Expansion EC/CM RFQ 03/22/23
23-002LY Janitorial Products, Restroom Supplies and Dispensers 03/21/23
23-013JM Rifle Trade in and Purchase 03/21/23
2019148 Call for RE-BID Cochran Basin Stormwater Control Vault 03/21/23
2021082 Holland Avenue Sewer – Normandie Lane to Colton Street 03/21/23
2023 Paint Line Striping & RPM Replacement 03/21/23
23-010RB Equipment, River Gauging 03/21/23
RFP022330: Accounts Payable Automation Software Selection for Seattle Public Schools 03/21/23
City of Woodland Wastewater Lift Station No. 8 Upgrade 03/21/23
DOH-RFQQ28022-0 Various Locations DOH Janitorial Services 03/21/23
On-Call Clean Up Services 03/21/23
Requesting quotes from DBE - Yakima County Line to Dry Creek Paving Project 03/21/23
WSP-SS-Aviation 03/21/23
City of Genesee - Water Resource Recovery Facility 03/21/23