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Bids & Contracting Opportunities

The following opportunities, notices, RFPs, and RFQs are sent to OMWBE by state and government agencies and prime contractors to help in their outreach efforts to minority and women-owned businesses. If you are a business interested in bidding on one of the opportunities, please follow the instructions in the posted opportunity. If you have any questions about a specific opportunity, please contact the person or company listed in the bid opportunity.

Many state contracting opportunities are also posted in WEBS - Washington’s Electronic Business Solution. To learn more about using WEBS, please review the WEBS Vendor Training Resources.

Submit a Bid Post:

Bid posting is a FREE service that OMWBE offers. Please use the Create Bid Post button below to submit your opportunity. Submitted posts will be reviewed by OMWBE before they are published. If you need to update a published bid post, please email to request an edit.

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Opportunities must include the following information:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Closing Date
  4. Organization
  5. Point of Contact
  6. Scheduled Publish Date

Please Note: We are no longer accepting file attachments with bid posts. Additional materials must be hosted on WEBS, or on your organization's website. We encourage you to provide links to your project details.

Projectsort descending Closing Date
2021098 - Call for Bids - Thor Freya Couplet Phase 2 REBID #2 10/16/23
2022042 - Call for Bids - 2023 Street Maintenance Curb Ramps Project 10/09/23
2022071 - Thorpe Reservoir Call for Bids 10/09/23
2022081 - Call for Bids - Upriver Dam Spillway Rehabilitation Phase III 10/09/23
2023-51066 High Speed Landing Craft 10/17/23
208054 UW Central Plaza Garage Safety and Security Improvements 10/24/23
21st Century Police Leadership Instruction 10/09/23
23-71 Automated Sandbagging Machines 10/03/23
24-RFQQ-001 10/10/23
Advance Notice of Future Bid Opportunity 10/31/23
Affordable Housing Preconstruction Technical Assistance Services 11/10/23
Aging Dementia Consultations and Related Services 10/06/23
Bid No. 2023-2 Installation of Fiber Optic Conduit / Vaults and Electrical Conduit / Vaults – Wilson Point to Lynn Point Pacific County, Washington 10/17/23
Bid No. 2023-3 Installation & Splicing of Fiber Optic Cable – Wilson Point to Lynn Point Pacific County, Washington 10/17/23
Child Benefits Feasibility Studies 10/09/23
City of Grandview Municipal Engineering Services Request for Statement of Qualifications 10/27/23
City of Grandview Municipal Engineering Services Request for Statement of Qualifications 10/27/23
City of Kirkland: 2023 Annual Replacement of Aging/Failing Infrastructure 09/27/23
City of Kirkland: Management Services for Universal Low-Income Relief Program 10/09/23
City of Yakima - 2023 CIPP DID REHABILITATION ( City of Yakima Project No. SW2651, HLA Project No. 22165) 10/05/23
Clark County - Notice to Vendors 12/31/23
Clark Public Utilities Notice to Vendors 12/31/23
Clark Public Utilities Small Works Roster & Professional Engineering & Architects Roster 12/31/23
Communications and Marketing Services 11/01/23
Construction Management Firm RFP | South Seattle Community Food Hub 09/29/23
Continuing Medical Education and Skills Assessments 09/27/23
Credible Messenger/Transformational Mentoring 09/29/23
CTS Proficiency Testing 10/05/23
DB RFQ - Multiple Requirements at the WSU Research & Extension Centers and WSU Tri-Cities 10/11/23
DBE Business Opportunities Working with Shipyard for WSF 12/31/23
DES 2024-015 - DES PPD B&G Maintenance Facility - Olympia - Design Consultant 09/28/23
DES 2024-020 - DES PPD - Campus Signage and Wayfinding - Olympia - Design Services 09/27/23
DES 2024-034 - DES PPD Leg Building Chamber Skylights - Olympia - Design Consultant 09/28/23
Emissions Inventory Development for Eleven Washington Counties 10/17/23
Facilities Landscape Maintenance Request For Proposals 10/20/23
Family Caregiver Counseling Services in Southwest Washington 12/31/24
Fire Training Academy Ventilation Prop 10/02/23
First Street Improvements Phase 3 - Downtown Revitalization 10/05/23
Fuel Tank Cleaning Maintenance & Repair - Invitation to Bid - City of Sammamish 10/17/23
Fuel Tank Cleaning, Maintenance & Repair Services - Invitation to Bid 10/17/23
HearMeWa Program Branding, Marketing, and Website Creation 10/09/23
Highschool and Beyond Plan Platform 10/02/23
Homeless Prevention and Support Services 10/09/23
HVAC Maintenance & On-Call Repair Services for Sammamish City Facilities 10/27/23
Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) Solution RFP 11/11/23
Interpreter Compensation Study Information Solicitation 09/29/23
Interpreter Compensation Study Information Solicitation 09/29/23
Investment Advisor 10/25/23
JOB ORDER CONTRACT – Subcontracting Opportunities in Vancouver, WA 10/31/24
Kinship Navigator Program for Aging and Long-Term Care 10/06/23
KT 23-861 Unit Price Electronics Repair and Maintenance 10/04/23
Main Library Remodel - Tacoma Public Library 10/03/23
Mansun Villa Apartments - Rehabilitation 10/24/23
Metro Parks Tacoma Small Works Roster 12/31/23
Metro Parks Tacoma Vendor Purchasing Roster 12/31/23
Mobile Conex Box Prop 10/02/23
MRSC Rosters 2023 12/31/23
MSD-RFQ for Professional Services 05/31/24
Mukilteo School District 2023 Small Works Roster 12/31/23
Multi Family Weatherization 11/01/23
Nemah Fish Hatchery New Well (Re-Bid) 09/28/23
Notice to Engineering Consultants RFQ 10/25/23
Notice: State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) Advisors 09/28/23
Okanogan County Five-Year Homeless Housing Plan 10/04/23
On-Call Hazmat Services 10/19/23
On-Call Painting Services - Invitation to Bid - City of Sammamish 10/13/23
On-Call Pressure Washing Services - Invitation to Bid 10/11/23
Parks Landscape Maintenance Request for Proposals 10/19/23
Pharmaceutical Pipeline Information Licensing or Subscription Platform 09/27/23
Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium Seawater Pipe Replacement Bid # J2023-23 09/28/23
Port of Seattle IAF Airline Realignment BP #1 - Enabling Work 10/05/23
Port of Seattle-23-100 International Trash Handling Services 09/28/23
Port of Seattle-23-32 Lost and Found Services at SEA 09/28/23
Port of Seattle-Cost Estimating Services IDIQ 09/28/23
Port of Seattle-SKCCIF Environmental Grants Program (EGP) - Phase IV 09/28/23
Port of Seattle-Wireless Scanning Services IDIQ 09/28/23
Port of Skagit - Rehabilitate Runway 4-22 Project 09/29/23
Port of Whitman County- RFP Business Air Center Property Engineering Services 10/20/23
Port of Whitman County- RFP Tekoa Property Engineering Services 10/05/23
Port of Woodland Small Works - 2023-07 – Fence @ 1570 Rose Way Lot #4, Woodland, WA 09/29/23
Port of Woodland Small Works - 2023-11 – Industrial Grade Parking Paving @ 11383 Down River Drive, Woodland, WA 10/10/23
Port of Woodland Small Works - 2023-13 - Down River Drive Industrial Park Painting Project 10/12/23
Port of Woodland Small Works Roster 12/31/23
PSP Internal Operations Policy and Standard Operating Procedures Assessment 09/27/23
Public Works Board (PWB) Utility Relocation Study 11/16/23
Puget Sound Regional Council Transportation Projects Database & Online Applications Upgrade 10/06/23
Request for Information: Cannabis Social Equity Technical Assistance Grant Program 09/29/23
Request for Proposal - Reservation-wide Wireless Project 09/27/23
Request for Proposal for Related Technical Instruction (Tech Apprenticeships) 10/06/23
Request for Proposals - Metro Parks of Tacoma 09/27/23
Request for Qualifications For Design Build Services Chilled Water and Metering Renewal 09/27/23
Request for Qualifications Municipal Engineering Services 09/28/23
Request for Qualifications No. RFQ082347: Architectural and Engineering Services for 640 South Spokane Street Warehouse Renovation 10/03/23
Request for Qualifications: A&E Roster for  Architectural, Engineering and Surveyor Firms 12/31/23
Request for Quotes-Brooks Railroad Safety Crossing 09/27/23
Request for Quotes-Thor-Freya Couplet Phase 2 (Re-Bid #2) 10-16-23 10/16/23
Reserve Study & Policy Project 10/06/23
rfi-2023hca10-criminal-background-check-services 10/30/23
RFP 123-517 Discover Pass Production, Fulfillment, and eCommerce 11/15/23
RFP 1806 Job Order Contracting 10/18/23
RFP 2024-169: Puget Sound Partnership Website Redesign 10/19/23
RFP 2409 Water Resources Inventory Area Outreach & Education Serv. 10/25/23
RFP 325-048 Colville Area Snowmobile Trail Grooming Services 11/02/23
RFP 325-052 Mount St. Helens Area Snow Plowing & Removal Services 11/02/23
RFP 325-081 Cabin Creek and Erling Stordahl Trail Systems Cross-Country Ski Trail Grooming 11/02/23
RFP – Western State Hospital New Forensic Hospital Enabling – Demolition and Abatement 10/03/23
RFP032333: General Contractor / Construction Manager Services for Sacajawea Elementary Replacement Project 10/04/23
RFQ for geo-tech engineering services at McKay Healthcare 09/28/23
RFQQ 23-900 Vehicle Equipment Installation Services 10/20/23
RFQQ DOH24-004C Be Well, WA Initiative 11/01/23
RFQQ DOH24-004C Be Well, WA Initiative 11/01/23
Roofing Repairs Invitation to Bid - City of Sammamish 10/13/23
S202401 Maternity Cost Sharing Study 10/02/23
S202402 Statistical Reporting Agent 10/13/23
Save the Date - October Print and Mailing Services Procurement 10/20/23
Snoqualmie Valley School District - Small Works Roster 12/31/23
Snoqualmie WLA, Cherry Valley Unit New Well (REBID) 09/28/23
Solicitation for Roster of Architectural and Engineering Firms 01/31/24
Sound Transit Upcoming DBE Opportunities 12/31/23
Statewide Contract for Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Services 12/08/23
Summit Pacific Hospital Expansion in Elma, WA 09/28/23
SW-C1824 Fort Flagler State Park – Primary Power Upgrades 10/03/23
TCC - Center For Innovative Learning & Engagement (CILE) - Group 3 Bid Packages 09/28/23
TEL-260405 Old Mill Road Fiber Project 10/05/23
Town of Concrete 2023 Professional Services Roster 12/31/23
Traffic Control & Flagging Services Invitation to Bid 09/29/23
Transit Planning On-Call Consulting Services 09/28/23
Tree Maintenance Services & Emergency Response Invitation to Bid 10/06/23
University of Washington - Job Order Contract Opportunities 06/30/24
Vehicle Lifts with Garage and Fleet Associated Equipment 11/06/23
WAARNG ISP Guest Network 10/03/23
Washington Comprehensive Assessment Program 12/22/23
Washington State Parks A/E Consultant Roster for the 23-25 Biennium 06/30/25
Water Rights Application Web Portal & Dashboard Development 10/03/23
West Hill Booster Pump Station 10/09/23
Wetland Delineation and Critical Areas Services Water Pipeline Relocation at Alger I-5 Interchange 10/26/23
Whatcom Co Bid #23-55, Demolition of the Ranger's Residence at Silver Lake Park 10/10/23
Whatcom Co Bid #23-68; N Lake Samish Dr Bridge No. 107 Replacement 10/31/23
Whatcom Co RFI #22-60; Community Inclusion Services to Adults with Developmental Disabilities 12/31/23
Whatcom Co RFI #22-61; Pathways to Employment Services to Adults with Developmental Disabilities 12/31/23
Whatcom Co RFI #22-62; Child Developemnt Services to Infants and Toddlers with Developmental Disabilities and Delays 12/31/23
Whatcom Co RFP #23-64; Community-based Behavioral Health Support Services 10/03/23
Whatcom Co RFP #23-70; Operation of a Youth Day Center 10/03/23
Whatcom Co; 22-65 Domestic Violence Perpetrator Opportunity for Treatment Services 12/31/23
WSAC - RFP- Data Management System 10/04/23
WSP-CIA-010 11/27/23
WWU2023-001 Supplier / Vendor Onboarding and Management System RFP 10/31/23
Ziply Fiber NTIA Brewster B4 Public Bid 10/10/23